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Floral Bouquet in Blue China Vases

These little beauties are extra special to me. About this time last year I was about to pop with our precious baby. I was a Momma going stir crazy as we awaited her arrival (she was born 11 days after her due date!). So to keep my hands busy and my mind at ease, I painted. The result was these five watercolor floral bouquet paintings.

Watercolor floral bouquet painting

Fast forward 12 months and that little baby is turning 1 year old! I'm seeing why people are always saying "time flies." Don't think so? Have a kid. Your mind will be changed.

As I reflect on this past year, I know it's time to release these paintings and share them with more than just my husband. (Hello, quarantine.)

framed watercolor painting

They are simple, elegant, and sure to bring a little cheer to any corner or space on your wall. Hang one up on its own to shine, or create a beautiful grouping with several of these paintings.

Watercolor floral paintings