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Live Wedding Painting

Truly one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday is getting to be apart of a couple's big day by painting the wedding. This past Saturday I got to do just that.

Located in Hartselle, AL on the bride's family property, it was an absolute dream. From the rolling hills to the lush flowers, there was not a detail forgotten.

Neillie Butler and her amazing team at Mariee Ami coordinated everything from start to finish. They could not have done a better job!

Hothouse Design Studio was responsible for the extravagant centerpieces, lush arch over the alter, and who could forget the amazing hanging chandelier dazzling with orchids and crystals.

My favorite part of a live wedding painting is interacting with the guests as they get to see the painting from start to finish throughout the evening. And of course I can't complain getting to paint with a live band in the background! No sound system in my studio can compete with that.

But what tops all is when the Bride and Groom see the painting for the first time. A wedding is truly such a special day and it is an privilege to be apart of it in this way.



Waxhaw, NC

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