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Thailand Art

My husband and I recently took a trip half way across the world. It was the farthest we had ever been and it was absolutely incredible. The landscape, the culture, the food. Thailand, you have our hearts.

I totally geeked out and was that tourist with a camera around my neck the whole time. Even while leaning over to taste amazing street food. As we made our way from Phuket, to Chang Mai and Change Rai, then over to Bangkok, it seemed like everywhere we went was picture perfect. And since I spent the whole two weeks attached to my camera, I documented just about everything there was on the trip.

So what does that mean? It means now that we are home, there are way too many amazing pictures that I don't exactly know what to do with. I'm pretty sure there's a limit to how many a girl can frame and sit about in her house. And I'm pretty sure I'm bordering on that limit.

But what's better than a picture? I'd say a painting, although some may argue I'm a tad biased. I picked one of my favorite pictures (which was a hard endeavor) and picked up my paint brushes.

Painting an experience is an amazing experience in and of itself. It's like getting to relive the moment or event. It's like bottling up that experience to be enjoyed time and time again. It's like a picture that gets just a little closer to your heart. It's wonderful.



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