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How April Atchley Happened

I never started out painting with the intention of making money. I just started creating. I painted gifts for family members, painted to fill empty spots around my college apartment, even painted to complete a class assignment.

I titled one of my college roommate as my "marketing man" as she was constantly coming up with new ideas. It was then that she coined the name "Made By Miller." And with that I was off!

Fast forward a year later and I never thought I would be here- my zest for painting paving a way to a career. There's been lessons learned, hard steps, mistakes, joy, encouragement beyond belief, and a love that keeps me going (not to mention a marriage to the most supportive and wonderful man. Seriously he's the true MVP).

So here's to the change on the block. I am excited to announce that Made By Miller (fitting after a marriage and name change) is now April Atchley Art. Same artist, same paintings, new name!



Waxhaw, NC

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