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April 10, 2018

Do you ever meet someone and think to yourself, 'man, they are one talented person.' And then feel a sense of excitement when you know they are using their talents, skills, and passion as a vocation?


Meet my friend Allison. She's that friend in my life. A photographer by day and a florist at heart, Allison is incredibly talented both behind a camera and in the middle of a floral arrangement. 


Although she grew up with my husband, I didn't meet Allison until college. It did not take me long to realize the loyal friendship she gives and absolute selfless and loving spirit she has. Oh, and did I mention she has the amazing ability to make you feel like you are the most wonderful person she has ever met? 


So when it came time for her wedding, we all thought this was the perfect time to celebrate her since she's the queen at celebrating others. But what really happened was just more amazement and awe of her talents. 


She was not only the most beautiful bride, but she also managed to be the mind behind every floral arrangement for her wedding. And it was all stunning. Absolutely stunning! She was a vision and the florals were magnificent. 




After the wedding I got the privilege to paint her lovely bridal bouquet. The subtle and romantic shades of rose and cream were soothing while the pops of reds, deep purples, and bright pinks entertained the eye. I loved the playful contrast!  




If you don't know Allison Jones Forbes, you should. If you are looking for a florist and haven't contacted her, you should. If you are looking for a photographer and haven't reached out to her, you should. If you haven't followed her on instagram for beautiful pictures that will brighten your day, you should. (@allijphoto)


(Bridal portrait photo: Leah Grace Photography) 

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